New York Real Estate Attorney Jerry M. Feeney

NYC Real Estate Lawyer Jerry Feeney

New York real estate attorney Jerry M. Feeney and his team of experts specialize in representing buyers and sellers in their real estate transactions of cooperative apartments, condominiums, and townhouses. In addition, the law firm serves as an authorized closing attorney to represent lending institutions in purchase or refinance transactions. Treating each client with the same level of attention and urgency while meeting the client’s individual needs based on their extensive experience is the hallmark of the experts at Jerry M. Feeney Attorney At Law. Over the years, our NY real estate law firm has successfully completed over 6,000 transactions.


Buying and Selling NYC Real Estate

Buying and Selling Real Estate

Buying and selling property can be stressful. NY real estate lawyer Jerry M. Feeney seeks to reduce the stress associated with the transaction, by seamlessly handling all aspects of the deal while keeping the client apprised of the status. Be it a Manhattan condominium or a coop in the Hamptons, Mr. Feeney utilizes his superior credentials, vast experience, and keen business …


Mortgage Loan NYC


The mortgage component is among the most stressful components of a transaction for a buyer. At the law offices of Jerry M. Feeney, we seek to use our superior credentials and client centered focus to provide a professional and informed representation to the most discerning mortgage financing professionals. Choosing the right attorney to represent a …