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The Emotional Component of Real Estate

Change is a part of all industries. And real estate is no different.

Emotional Cost Real Estate

In 1978 Sony invented a device that enabled people to carry their music with them, and play cassettes (that’s what we called them then) without being tied to their home. The Walkman revolutionized the music industry, and paved the way to mobile music. They were first, and the innovator. Why then do I have an …


The Bright Side of Tighter Underwriting Standards

Tougher standards are leading to a more stable lending environment

Real Estate Transactions

When I first started practicing real estate law many years ago, I remember getting a call from a mortgage broker who was representing my client, the buyer, to give me an update on how the financing was going.   “Well,” he started, “we pulled his credit and it was around 620, and this is a …


But You Said … !

Four common seller misrepresentations, and how to avoid getting stuck.

New York Real Estate

The buyers were assured that a lovely roof deck would be theirs alone. “Private,” the web listing said. But it wasn’t until the board interview—post–contract signing, post–six-figure deposit—that they learned the truth: Only a sliver of the roof was theirs. The rest, including a section that abutted the master bedroom, was common space. It’s an …