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Do I Need a Permit?

NYC Work Permit

Renovating your apartment can be both personally and financially rewarding. But for anyone who has ever lived through a renovation, the process can run from frustrating to downright horrific and catastrophic. Before starting the job, let’s run through the legal concerns. Do I need a permit? Most construction and renovation jobs in New York City …


Buying a Short Sale? Some Rules of the Road

Residential Real Estate Attorney Guide Short Sale

Sellers who owe more on their home than it is worth often choose to try a short sale, which requires approval from the bank to sell for less than what is owed. These deals can be good for both the buyer and seller, but before entering into one, there are some important considerations a buyer …


The Casual Landlord: Dealing with the Security Deposit When the Tenant Leaves

Residential Real Estate Attorney Guide Security Deposit

Without a doubt, the most common dispute among landlords and tenants is over the disposition of the security deposit when the tenant leaves. Landlords complain when tenants want to use the security as “the final month’s rent,” but tenants argue that when they do pay the final month, landlords unlawfully withhold security knowing that the …


The Single Family Home Buyer: Underground Oil Tanks

Residential Real Estate Attorney Guide Buying Real Estate

Whether buying a second home in the country, or giving up the apartment life for a home in the suburbs, buying single family homes presents different issues that require careful attention. No longer able to rely on managing agents to handle the day to day operation of our apartments, the single family homeowner must carefully …