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Flip Taxes and the GFE

Residential Real Estate Attorney Guide Flip Taxes

GFE disclosure rules are unforgiving when it comes to under-disclosing. But most loan officers have become adept at accurately disclosing and GFE refunds are less frequent than before. Hopefully my efforts in this column to educate the banking community has helped, and of course don’t forget the comprehensive closing cost brochures for NYC and the …


The 1031 Adviser: Converting 1031 Replacement Property into a Principal Residence

1031 Exchange Residential Real Estate Law

It’s not uncommon for an investor to convert a property held for business, trade or investment into one’s principal residence. Change in investment potential of the property, or a desire to get out of the landlord business, might make the investor decide to change the use into one held as a primary residence. And prudent …


Making the Offer: A Success Guide for Buyers

Residential Real Estate Attorney Guide Buying Real Estate

The way an offer is framed can sometimes mean the difference between making the deal and losing it. Suppose you’re trying to buy a vintage ring from a widow who recently lost her spouse. The widow wants to sell, and needs the money, but there are obvious emotions involved in letting go of this sentimental …


Who Pays for What?

Residential Real Estate Lawyer Guide Repair Costs

There are two times during the lifecycle of a transaction that I am routinely informed about a “repair” that the seller needs to make.  The first is when a buyer uses an inspector as part of due diligence before the contract is signed.  The other time is at the walk through, or the final inspection …