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The Coop / Condo Abatement: New Rules That Any Real Estate Expert Needs to Know

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NYC real estate taxes are an important component of value, and recent developments in this area require close attention. This abatement gives eligible coop and condominium owners a reduction in their real estate taxes. Here are the changes that were recently enacted. Primary residence: The apartment must be the owner’s primary residence to be eligible …


Managing Clients’ Expectations In A Seller’s Market – Part 2/2

Residential Real Estate Attorney Guide Seller Expectation

In my last issue I wrote about managing a client’s expectations in order to avoid turning a happy client into an unhappy (non-referral source) one. Here are a few rules I have come up with to put that plan into effect. Be careful about telling a buyer we have a deal: We know that a …


Managing Clients’ Expectations in a Seller’s Market: Part 1/2

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Most real estate clients start out happy. And if we’re good, most of those clients who start out happy will end the transaction happy also, which of course is the foundation of a successful career in any service business that requires referrals to grow. But what about those real estate clients who end up dissatisfied, …