Seller Tips

5 Rules to Make the Walkthrough Much Smoother

The final inspection — or walk through — should simply be one more pleasant meeting with the buyer to welcome them to their new home, before heading over to the closing to finish the deal and convey title.  But too often, the walk through can be the source of dispute, and fodder for the buyer …


Home on Money

Success in 2015: Build on What We Learned In 2014

Santayana famously said “[t]hose who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.” With that admonition, let’s take a look at what we learned from real estate in 2014 and use it to build an even more successful 2015. It’s All About The Team: Buyers spend months searching for the perfect apartment. They miss …


Residential Real Estate Guide NYC Myth

Three NYC Real Estate Myths

Ask two economists the same question, and you’ll get three different answers. Real estate can be the same way. It’s easy for clients to get sidetracked in a fast moving market like ours. Buyers and sellers are inundated with experts offering their advice loudly from any forum that will take them. It’s important that real …


Comparing Offers in a Seller’s Market

Comparing Offers in a Seller’s Market

One of my sellers called me the other day and happily announced that she had a buyer and asked me to prepare the contract. “Great I said, and by the way, how many offers did you get?” “We had 3 she replied, so we picked the highest one,” she proudly responded. “Are they financing?” I …


Residential Real Estate Lawyer Guide Selling Real Estate

When Foreigners Sell

One of the nice things about selling real estate in New York is that even those who have never had to file a tax return before get to file one. What could be better than that! Like everything else in our market, the rules are complicated. Let’s simplify it. New York State: Individuals (and trusts …


Residential Real Estate Lawyer Guide 2012

Success in 2013: Build on What We Learned in 2012

The name of the first month of the year comes from the Roman God Janus, who is depicted with a head of two faces, one looking forward, the other backward. That’s appropriate as we enter the new year. Let’s learn from the past to build success in the new year. Here are a few lessons …


Storm Sandy Apartment Real Estate

In the Aftermath Of Sandy

As the recovery from Sandy continues, the financial impact of the storm continues to grow. Here is a brief legal guide that may help those most affected in making decisions. Flood insurance: It’s hard to learn after a storm like Sandy that typical homeowner / condo owner / coop owner insurance policies do not cover …


Pet Policie Apartment Real Estate Market Value

Do No-Pet Policies Affect Market Value?

We get a lot of questions on the Saturday morning radio show I co-host (Eye On Real Estate, WOR710), but a recent caller posed one that got me thinking. She is considering a coop purchase in a building that does not permit pets. She is not a pet owner, so it won’t affect her directly, …


Residential Real Estate Attorney Guide Apartment Size

The Amazing Shrinking Apartment

You would think that the topic of measuring the square footage of an apartment would be without controversy. After all, measuring tapes don’t lie, so what’s all the fuss about? Well, like almost any other aspect of NYC real estate, this one has some quirks that can cause confusion. When buildings are first built, or …


Residential Real Estate Attorney Guide Real Estate Deal

Why Deals Die and How to Avoid These Problems

It’s an unfortunate reality of the New York City marketplace that not all deals end up closing. But given the amount of work it takes to successfully market a property and find a willing buyer, just as much effort should go into ensuring that deal gets from the handshake to the closing table. Let’s start …