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But You Said … !

Four common seller misrepresentations, and how to avoid getting stuck.

New York Real Estate

The buyers were assured that a lovely roof deck would be theirs alone. “Private,” the web listing said. But it wasn’t until the board interview—post–contract signing, post–six-figure deposit—that they learned the truth: Only a sliver of the roof was theirs. The rest, including a section that abutted the master bedroom, was common space. It’s an …


Pretending to Be a Coop: Confessions of a Condominium

The magic acts of condominium associations in New York City

NYC Condo

I used to study the violin when I was a teenager.  Home alone in the summer practicing it could get boring, so I would imagine walking onstage to the roar of applause as guest concert master at the Moscow Philharmonic, and having to stand and then sit again three times just to calm the ecstatic …


A Lawyer’s Guide to Preparing For a Board Interview

Let’s go over how the process typically works

Board Review

So you have gotten this far.  Congratulations.  Made it through the search for an apartment, the contract negotiations, the shockingly complex financing application with your bank, gotten reference letters from your third grade teacher and the person who sat next to you on the subway for years when you were an intern on Wall Street …


Negotiating to Win?: Be Careful

What it is you really want when you are negotiating?

Negotation Real Estate

I spend a good part of my day negotiating real estate transactions, contract terms and resolving disputes that arise in the course of a deal.  It’s one of the few good things that came out of the financial collapse of a few years ago:  it allowed me to dust off my negotiating skills and begin …