What Are the Questions I Should Ask Before Hiring an Attorney

New York real estate attorney Jerry Feeney addresses the questions clients should ask a real estate attorney before employing them to assist with their real estate transaction.

 What Is A Short Sale?

In the next video, Jerry discusses the potential benefits of a short sale over other options such as a bankruptcy or foreclosure.

 What Happens if the Bank Does Not Approve the Short Sale?

Jerry talks about what happens to the homeowner and the buyer if a bank does not approve the short sale.

 Will I Have to Pay Money Back to the Bank after the House Is Sold?

In this video, he addresses whether or not money must be paid back to the bank after a successful short sale. He also discusses what a deficiency judgement is.

 Will a Short Sale Cost Me Money?

Jerry talks about the fees involved during a short sale transaction and how a homeowner can benefit from one.

 How Will a Short Sale Affect My Credit Rating?

The effects of a short sale on credit ratings are discussed, and how they compare with the effects of bankruptcies or foreclosures. Jerry also addresses the credit rating recovery time following the transaction.

 What is a 1031 Exchange?

This video provides an overview of what a 1031 exchange is and explains how it can defer tax gains.

 What Are The Timelines In a 1031 Exchange?

Jerry advises on the timely filing of a 1031 exchange, as well as the steps involved.

 How Long Must I Hold Replacement Property before Selling?

This video addresses one of the major requirements for conducting a successful 1031 exchange, as well as how long to hold a property converted from a principal residence into one held for business.

 What Does a Qualified Intermediary Do?

Here Jerry discusses the services a qualified intermediary provides, and why one may be necessary in a real estate transaction.