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Real Estate Purchaser’s and Seller’s Closing Costs Guide

Real estate closing costs can be confusing. Residential Real Estate Lawyer Jerry M. Feeney has been teaching courses in NYC on this subject for years, and has never seen a simple, yet comprehensive guide to these costs presented. Until now. We hope you find this real estate purchaser’s and seller’s closing costs guide helpful in “demystifying” the age-old question of real estate buyers, “what are my closing costs?” And from real estate sellers, “what costs do I have to pay at closing and what is left over from the sale price?”

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Purchasers Sellers Residential Real Estate Closing Cost Guide

Continuing Education for Brokers and Agents

Jerry Feeney is a New York State licensed Continuing Education course instructor who teaches the required 3-hour Fair Housing course, among others. Click below to learn more about the Continuing Education requirements that brokers and real estate agents must fulfill prior to renewing their license, as well as to review an amendment to the Continuing Education requirement in 2017.


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