The mortgage component is among the most stressful components of a transaction for a buyer. At the law offices of Jerry M. Feeney, we seek to use our superior credentials and client centered focus to provide a professional and informed representation to the most discerning mortgage financing professionals. Choosing the right attorney to represent a lending institution throughout a purchase or refinance transaction is an important decision. We strive to differentiate the level of service provided to both the loan officer and the borrower, by providing prompt, informed and professional responses throughout the process.

Banking Practice

We are an authorized closing attorney for Wells Fargo, its affiliate DE Capital Mortgage, Bank of America, Citibank, EverBank, Associated Mortgage Bankers, Capital One, Guard Hill, Home Mortgage Express / New Jersey Lenders, and First Choice Lenders. Our focus on only a few banks separates us from our competitors – we are able to provide an unmatched attention to detail, along with a solid knowledge of the operational nuances of each institution that can only come with serving a select banking clientele.

How We Can Help

Jerry M. Feeney’s approach to the bank attorney role is a bit different; he aims to enhance and positively reflect on the reputation of the loan officer and the bank. The focused bank paralegals at the law offices of Jerry M. Feeney are assigned a manageable pipeline of deals rather than being overwhelmed by their workload, a practice all too common in other law offices. This ensures that our paralegals are always able to respond to borrower’s and loan officer’s questions. We first accommodate for capacity; only then do we build relationships with loan officers who we can effectively service. Phone calls and emails are answered promptly, usually within 15 minutes, and our paperless environment enables us to quickly move scanned documents as required by the bank. Our arrival to closings is on time, we are always presented professionally, and each borrower is treated with the respect that should be accorded a valued client of the bank. Our real estate team is experienced, and happy to close at any location requested within our geographic range of Manhattan to Montauk, and north to Rockland County at no additional cost to the borrower. Trust your borrower to our professional and experienced staff of bank closers, and see what client-focused business can bring to the experience.